Monday, May 29, 2017

           By order of the King of Heaven.
                                     Saint Joan of Arc
                                           May 30th
While the angelic hosts acclaim the Incarnate Word as he takes possession of his eternal throne, a virgin at the head of the armies of earth re-echoes the praises of heaven She was a child of the countryside, pious, gentle, and utterly ignorant, especially of the art of war, but Michael the soldier of God trained her with the aid of the Virgin Martyrs Catherine and Margaret, and suddenly like a challenge thrown to modern naturalism in the broad daylight of history, she made her appearance, at the age of seventeen as an incomparable warrior.

Her victories, her personal influence and strategical genius equal those of the most famous captains of any times. But she surpasses them all in heroism , in her childlike simplicity, virginal purity, and faith in her Lord Jesus, the Son of St. Mary, for whom she died---even greater at the stake at Rouen than in the days of her triumph." De par le Roi du ciel" ( By order of the King of Heaven) was the motto on her banner. By order of The King of Heaven, her sovereign liege, in whose royal service she is day by day, she calls upon cities to return to their lawful obedience.
The Little Flower as St. Joan of Arc
Taken from the liturgical year Dom Prosper Gueranger opening paragraph for feast day May 30th Vol 8 page 637

                                               Christ The King

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