Friday, September 16, 2016

                      The Final Gauge

                                 If THAT for which we labor here
                                Be worthy our endeavor,
                                The final gauge we need not fear,
                                Since Heaven fails us never!
                                Though wrong may seem to vanquish right;
                                Though truth be crushed and hid from sight;
                                Fear not the outcome of the fight!--
                                God`s laws will stand forever!
                              The end we cannot always see;
                              Nor can we understand
                              That what man deems futility,
                              God may have wisely planned!
                              Trust then in Him, and, come what may,
                              Press boldly onward day by day;--
                              Knowing that all things, now and aye,
                                Are in His holy hand!

                                                            Clarence Mansfield Lindsay
                                                            The Crusader`s Almanac Oct.1941

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